We have a true passion for film.

Boise Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing low budget films from Idaho, and around the world. We believe Boise, and our beautiful state of Idaho, make for a production destination like no other. We support our local talent, and believe collaboration with other artists will help cultivate and foster the film industry in Idaho. The festival focuses on bringing educational and networking opportunities to Boise, as well as developing a production fund for film in Idaho. Read on about our magical team below.

Melinda Quick

Melinda Quick

BFF Executive Director

Born and raised Idaho spud, Melinda left the sage-brushed hills of Boise, ID, to study, live and work as a filmmaker and photographer in New York, Italy and South Africa after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 2012. In 2015, she returned to Boise to fulfill her dream of living at home with her parents.

Just kidding - now living in downtown Boise, Melinda is so happy to be #Idahome while working as a documentary filmmaker and assisting with marketing and communications at Riverstone International School. She also spends her time volunteering with Global Shapers Boise, Boise Girls Pint Out and the Idaho Humane Society.

Basically: Melinda's a film addict who loves animals, drinking beer, hiking, cheese, bullet journals, travel, and (most of all) sunshine.

Brandon Freeman

BFF Tech Director

As an independent filmmaker based here in Boise, ID, Brandon has a passion to help independent filmmakers not focus solely on cameras, gear, and editing software, but also on the art of collaboration.

This stems from his own experience of 15+ years as a DIY, no-budget filmmaker. After completing ten short films and two features, he has shifted his focus from the "one-man-band" approach and now puts most of his time into actor and writer workshops he co-founded with fellow actors and filmmakers in 2013. Brandon is passionate about film in Boise, and wants to be part of efforts that build a legitimate infrastructure capable of handling larger productions. He's not necessarily interested in "putting Boise on the map", but he does want Boise to make bigger movies.

Brandon Freeman
Alyssa P

Alyssa Pearson

BFF Director of Programming and Events

Alyssa is a native Idahoan, Boise born and bred. She moved away to California to pursue her passion for filmmaking, and in the process also discovered a love for teaching. 

After six years of school, working in film production, and traveling the globe, Alyssa is back in Idaho. She is teaching filmmaking classes to kiddos who are eager to explore their own creative capabilities, and is so thrilled and honored to be a part of the Boise Film Festival experience. 

Alyssa is an avid book reader, explorer of mountains, and ultimate live music rocker, with a twist of yogi and a splash of crafting queen. On the rocks. Cheers!

Lana Westbrook

BFF Founder

Lana is a Professional Social Butterfly. Nancy Drew was her hero growing up and she would create fictional cases for her and her friends to solve together. Leading her little troop of spies around the neighborhood, she knew they were making it a better place.

Lana still looks for cases to solve, but nowadays most of her time is spent solving problems for business-owners, bringing in her magnifying glass of creative juju. She's committed to making Boise and Idaho a better place for film through founding the Boise Film Festival, Boise Creative Cooperative, and Reviving Pollyanna Entertainment.

Connections. Relationships. Nerding out about film. That's what Lana's all about.

Lana Westbrook

Kristy Lussier

BFF Founder