Picture Perfect Posters & Auction

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first annual Picture Perfect Posters Contest and Auction on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at Boise Brewing.

You can check out the brochure from the Auction here.

Thank you to our artists who submitted some incredible artwork based on the theme of "Reimagine Idaho" (pictures and artist information included below). 

Our second annual theme? "Sequels We'll Never See!" Stay tuned for more information at the end of the year or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop about all things BFF!

PPP Contest and Auction 2017


Title: “Attack of the Killer Potatoes”

Artist: Ameerah Bader

Description: “Done using traditional and digital means.”

Artist Instagram: @proudairforcedad

Title: “To Catch a Thief”

Artist: Nichelle Dykema

Description: “A reimagining of the poster for the classic film "To Catch a Thief" with the Boise skyline as the backdrop.”

Artist Website: www.designich.com/graphic-design/

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.12.05 AM.png

Title: “Lifeboat Float on the Boise River”

Artist: Tarey Potter

Description: “A re-creation of the original "Lifeboat" film poster combined with a photo taken after floating the Boise River just before the take out point. This is a tribute to one of my favorite movies by one of my favorite directors, Alfred Hitchcock.”

Artist website: www.theeartof.com

Title: “This Island, Idaho”

Artist: Lisa Olsen

Description: “This design is based off of the 1955 science fiction film, "This Island Earth". I combined the original film poster with new text, and changed the background to a photograph taken from the roof of the Boise Center looking up 6th Street towards the Capitol, prior to the construction of the Zions Bank Building.”

Artist Email: ludy@cableone.net

Title: “Spellbound in the Silent City of Rocks”

Artist: Tarey Potter

Description: “Elements from Salvador Dali's "Dream Sequence" from the film "Spellbound" combined with a view of The City of Rocks. This is also a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock working with Salvador Dali to create the "Dream Sequence" for the film.  I added a new backdrop utilizing black and white photographs taken of The City of Rocks near Malta, Idaho, and Balanced Rock located in Buhl, Idaho, to complete the scene.”

Artist Website: www.theeartof.com

Title: “River Sculpture of No Return”

Artist: Lisa Olsen

Description: “This design is is based off of the 1954 film, "River of No Return" starring Marilyn Monroe. I like how the title makes loose reference to the Salmon River and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. For the poster I combined elements from the original movie poster with a photo of Hell's Canyon taken from the Scenic Byway looking south. I added a image of Boise's "River Sculpture" by Allison Sky located on the Grove Hotel. The layering was done with three photographs to reflect both daytime and night-time views of the sculpture.”

Artist Email: ludy@cableone.net