Picture Perfect Posters & Auction

Reimagining classic film posters like no other. Starting in 2017, BFF invites local-to-Idaho artists, designers, and film lovers who might have a knack for drawing to reimagine a film poster of their choice and submit it for our first-ever Boise Film Festival Poster Auction. 

Celebrating cinema and our local design community is just another way for us to achieve our mission of artistic collaboration.

This year's theme? Reimagining film posters with an Idaho landscape or location as the backdrop. Ever wanted to see "Mad Max" filmed at Bruneau Sand Dunes? Or maybe you thought the "Pulp Fiction" diner scene could have been shot better at Westside Drive-In? Yikes, what if "Jurassic Park" was set at Eagle Island State Park or "The Butler" at the Idaho Capitol building?  

#RethinkFilm #RethinkIdaho #RethinkBoise

How to enter:

Paint, draw, design, photograph - whatever medium you choose, make sure the final product is either printable, frame-able, of high quality or resolution, and obviously demonstrates a relation to this year's theme. Posters should be at least 12" x 24" and not exceed 24" x 36" - go (standard film poster) big or go home.

Enter by sending your intent to submit (name, email, title of project and relation to the theme, and artist/business website) to info@boisefilmfestival.org by Wednesday, March 15.

All submissions will be due by Monday, May 15.

*Auction event information (date, time, location) will be released following the intent to submit due date of March 15 so we have an understanding of our venue size needs. All artists will receive 50% of the final bidding amount on their poster, with the other 50% going back to event costs and Boise Film Festival.