Welcome BFF2017 Summer Intern, Jordan!

We are so excited to welcome our BFF2017 Summer Intern, Jordan Miller, to the team! 

Jordan is a senior at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA, where he spends his time studying Film and Media, practicing French, and pretending he can’t hear his housemates telling him to turn the music down. When he’s not at school, Jordan is likely in Boise using his dog’s tummy as a pillow at Camel’s Back Park.

His love for film takes on all forms: watching movies, talking about movies, making movies, not being able to settle on a movie for hours and hours and just going to bed instead. In addition to keeping up with his diet of film and TV, he hopes to improve his skills with the camera and in documentary filmmaking, befriend the filmiest people he can find, and learn a whole lot about the world of film in Boise and Idaho.