An Intern's Cinematic Focus

We asked our kickbutt summer intern, Jordan, his thoughts on Boise Film Festival and his expectations for his summer experience. Here's what he said:

 Jordan's very excited about our potential "Cereal Cinema" events. Stay tuned for more details.

Jordan's very excited about our potential "Cereal Cinema" events. Stay tuned for more details.


"The Boise Film Festival (BFF) works to introduce and maintain the presence of film in Idaho through the avenues of education, collaboration, and showcase. My internship falls at the intersection of three projects: community outreach, marketing, and event programming. BFF engages in the mutually-supportive projects of inviting established and prominent filmmakers to the area, as well as making film an approachable platform for communities and individuals--particularly Idaho youth--who may have otherwise never thought or had the means to pick up a camera, all with the ultimate goal of making Idaho a viable hub for cinematic production, expression, and culture.

I was so excited to learn about an organization embarking in the project of using film to develop community in my hometown. As one of the few Film & Media Studies majors without plans to move to Hollywood to make it big after graduation, I’m thrilled with the possibility of expanding my own awareness of what I can do with my interest and major. I see this as an opportunity to utilize the education I’ve received about the businesses of media to gain knowledge about the Idaho film industry, to utilize programming and advertising skills that I’ve gained as an RA in running a Festival, and to capitalize and hone in on the technical and artistic skills I’ve developed at school via the internship’s creative facets (i.e. graphic design, marketing, and digital marketing, etc.). This will also be an incredible opportunity to network with other small-scale, independent filmmakers, as well as have the invaluable experience of being exposed to a unique type of work (and part of the country) in film.  

With such an emphasis in community outreach, my day-to-day interactions will prepare me to approach, communicate with, and work with people from all walks of life. I will focus on widening my bubble of engagement, to borrow some Whitman language, largely because I unfortunately don’t always manage to do so when I’m in Walla Walla. In addition, BFF has set up a variety of professional development meetings for me with different professionals in the film, graphic design, and art communities here in Boise, which is very exciting for me to have access to not just the film community and professionals, but all of the other applicable areas that fall under the Festival umbrella.

I hope to use film as an invitation to form community and ignite excitement, and in addition, to learn about the interests, concerns, and experiences of community members in my hometown via the work that they produce and/or exhibit through BFF.

I am so happy and proud to be BFF's newest BFF."