Local Bronco Billy Expert Chimes In

With our upcoming screening of Bronco Billy as part of the Movies that Move series, we talked to Sandy Kershner, author of "On the Trail of Bronco Billy" about the film, her book, and the legacy of Bronco Billy in Idaho. Here's what she had to say:

"In September through November 1979, Clint Eastwood’s Bronco Billy was filmed in 20 locations in the Treasure Valley. Over 1500 local people were hired to be extras in this movie. 28 of the 42 speaking parts were filled by local people.

Whenever local folks watch this movie, they see the way places that play very important roles in their lives looked in 1979, and the way people they loved (children who have since grown up and older folks who have since passed away) looked back then. Whenever anyone in this country or beyond watches this movie, they see these people and places too.

'On the Trail of Bronco Billy'--a book which first came out in 2011--is about this filming--about the locations involved--their history and what people visiting them today would find. It is also about the memories local people still have of that experience--memories of what it was like working with Clint Eastwood.

Dennis Hackin shared with this book, a story about how his childhood inspired him to write the Bronco Billy screenplay. David Worth, the Director of Photography, shared many of his memories of the filming. … Clint Eastwood gave his approval to the photos in the book.

Local newspapers, especially the Idaho Statesman, shared articles they had printed about the filming, including the one in which Clint Eastwood says: 'Thank you! You’ve been great! The Idaho filming is finished and we wanted to express our gratitude to all the people we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Your warmth, hospitality, and generosity have been second-to-none. Though we have caused inconvenience to you, you have always been friendly, helpful, and patient. From all of us, thanks. We hope you will ask us to come back again.' (Sunday, November 11, 1979.)

'On the Trail of Bronco Billy: The Last Roundup' will hopefully be completed by September 2018. In addition to stories from more local people and from Alan Cartwright (Clint Eastwood’s double in the trick riding scene) and J.W. Stoker (Sam Bottom’s double in the trick roping scene), this book will include special events and displays involving the filming, including Boise Film Festival's screening at The Dutch Goose. I am hoping to meet some folks at this event who were extras in this movie or helped in other ways and would like to have their experiences included in 'The Last Roundup'."

Check out Sandy's book, "On the Trail of Bronco Billy" here.

And don't miss Boise Film Festival's screening of Bronco Billy on Friday, June 30th at 7 PM at The Dutch Goose--one of the original filming locations of Bronco Billy!