Cameras for Kids 2018


The City of Boise is ripe with potential, and it’s art community is growing exponentially. That being said, the opportunities for creative students who wish to explore the medium of film are surprisingly lacking. As the city grows, we want to grow with it--and provide the means for our younger generation to be exposed to, and learn about, filmmaking. This competition is not only an excellent opportunity for students to flex their creative muscle, but is a gateway into getting these young filmmakers involved with the growing Boise Film Community, and helping them make connections to further their interests.

What is the competition?

The prompt for this year’s Youth Competition is: “Your Story Starts Here: I am Boise.” Whether you were born here or have showed up last year, living in Boise is now a part of who you are. We want you to tell your story.

What does this mean? Well, it doesn’t have to be a serious documentary about Idaho’s history—it can be a documentary about your cooky neighbor, a classmate's battle with cancer, bullying, a ghost story about the haunted house at the end of your street, or an adventure story about the lizard people that live in Bruneau Sand Dunes.

It can be any genre: comedy, drama, silent film, documentary, horror, stop-motion, animation, a music video—you get to choose. Whether it’s real or imaginary, goofy or serious, funny or sad, it just has to be something that’ll make us say “Yeah, now that’s Boise.”

What are the rules?

We do have a few rules for you to follow, check them out:

  • Your film should fit in the time frame of 2-8 minutes long.
  • Please make sure that your film is PG—something you’d be ok with your parents or teachers watching.
  • Your story MUST be original! We know you have it in you!
  • Your film must be made between the time submissions open in May, and close in August.
  • This movie must be made by YOU.
  • Can you ask your parents to use that nice camera that’s been sitting in the hall closet? Absolutely. Can you ask your parents to make the movie for you? Absolutely not. This needs to be a film made by youth filmmakers!
  • You can submit as in individual or in groups.

We need to see a few things in your final project:

  • A title at the beginning
  • Credits at the end. This means you need to give EVERYBODY credit! Every person who did anything to help you make this film, please make sure they get credit at the end of your film.
  • When submitting your film, please include a 3 line synopsis, as well as picture release forms—anybody you show in your movie needs to sign a release form for us to be able to show it at the festival! 
  • Because of all the rules and regulations behind music, you must also only use music that is un-licensed (but don’t worry, we’ve got stuff for you to use).

This all seems like a lot, huh?

Maybe kind of overwhelming? Don’t sweat it! We bet you have a camera, or know someone who does. You can even use your phone! Nothing to edit on? No worries! We have a great list of free editing resources. No clue where to find un-licensed music? No problem! Here are some awesome resources you can use—and they’re all free!

Free resources, from your BFF:

Still think you might need some help? Well, you’re in luck. Throughout the summer we will be holding three classes with local professionals to help walk you through any problems, and give you some tips!

  • June 19: Storytelling and the Basics of Pre-Production
    • 4-6pm Gates Room at the Boise Public Library
  • July 11: Production Tips and Tricks
    • 4-6pm Gates Room at the Boise Public Library
  • August 14: Final Notes and Comments
    • 4-6pm Gates Room at the Boise Public Library

Email Alyssa Pearson, BFF Director of Events, if you are interested in attending:

Tell me more about the judging process:

Your films will be judged on a few different factors:

Originality: The uniqueness and originality of your story

Creativity: Show us your imagination!

Structure: Does your story have a beginning, middle, and end?

Theme: Does your story fit into our theme, “Your Story Starts Here: I Am Boise”?

Ok now for the cool stuff—what can I win?

Once we have received all of your submissions, our committee will watch and rewatch them, and pick three (yes, three!) winners, who each receive a DSLR camera package.

Please note that while we encourage you to work in groups, we’ll only be able to offer one prize to the entire group—how you split it between yourselves is up to you. Winners will be announced in September at the festival!

Whether you’ve made 20 movies, or none, we believe your story is worth telling! Don’t be afraid to submit!

Questions? Email Alyssa Pearson, BFF Director of Events: