BFF2017 Youth in Film Panel

Saturday, Sept 23 at 12:00 PM at JUMP Boise in The Loft (5th Floor)

A big part of our BFF hearts belong to the youth and student media-makers and filmmakers here in the Treasure Valley. Each Festival year, we showcase that talent by partnering with The Directors Cut and their student filmmakers, we bring our Youth in Film Panel to 2017 with a bang and a lot of youthful buck.

Panelist photos and bios are included below and also include students whose films will be screening the morning before the Panel at 10:00 AM with The Directors Cut. The panel will be moderated by our extremely talented intern and current Film and Media Studies student at Whitman College, Jordan Miller.

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Jordan Miller (Moderator)

Filmmaker/Student, Whitman College

Jordan is a senior at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA, where he spends his time studying Film and Media, practicing French, and pretending he can’t hear his housemates telling him to turn the music down. When he’s not at school, Jordan is likely in Boise using his dog’s tummy as a pillow at Camel’s Back Park.

His love for film takes on all forms: watching movies, talking about movies, making movies, not being able to settle on a movie for hours and hours and just going to bed instead. In addition to keeping up with his diet of film and TV, he hopes to improve his skills with the camera and in documentary filmmaking, befriend the filmiest people he can find, and learn a whole lot about the world of film in Boise and Idaho.

Ethan Holt headshot.jpg

Ethan Holt (Panelist)

Filmmaker, Errant Vision Films

Local writer / director and Idaho native, Ethan Holt, has a passion for storytelling. From an early age, he embraced film as a creative medium and collaborated on numerous projects with his childhood friends employed as actors and crew under his direction. Ethan continues to explore the creative, subtle, and powerful methods with which ideas can be communicated through film. Currently, he produces independent films under the Errant Vision Films label and is the head of video production for the non-profit organization, STEM Revolution.

Grant Osman Photo.jpg

Grant Osman (Panelist)

Filmmaker/The Director's Cut

Grant Osman graduated Boise State University in 2014 with a degree in both Communication for Media Production and Theatre for Performance, as well as receiving a Film and Digital Media certificate.

Immediately following, he began working for The Director’s Cut, a digital media literacy program that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of filmmaking to kids in schools and summer camps around North America. After traveling and teaching in nearly all the company’s set up locations, he has since been working as The Director of Digital Curriculum, producing all the video and digital content for the company. In addition, he shoots and edits for both personal film projects, as well as studio productions. He also acts as Vice President for the U.S. division of The Director’s Cut.

Ruby Headshot.JPG

Ruby Walker (Panelist)


Ruby Walker was born in Boise Idaho. She attended elementary school at Washington and is currently in seventh grade at North Junior High.  She lives with her parents, Randi and Ed, and her crazy, fun dogs, Daisy and Baxter. She also has an older brother, Davis (24).

She enjoys reading, art, skiing, camping, basketball and softball.  She especially enjoys playing her acoustic guitar and the double bass in school orchestra.  Ruby is at her best being creative and isn’t afraid to try new things. Her summer camp experiences have been varied, including two years at the Director’s Cut camp where she got to explore her interest in filmmaking. She was part of Derpa the Explerpa in 2016 and Back to the Future to Save the Past in 2017.


Jack Zuckerman (Panelist)


Jack Abner Zuckerman is a 12 year old student at North Junior High.  Jack enjoys playing the drums, rugby, writing and voice acting.  He is serious about his food and is a connoisseur of fine steaks and root beer.


Kayden Humphries (Panelist)


Kayden signed with a manager and agent in January 2015. We moved (temporarily) from Wendell, ID to Los Angeles, CA so that he could live his dream. His first audition, he got the role. It was a UCLA Student Film, starring and backed by James Franco. His second role was a guest star role on Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger. He has done several commercials over the years including Cheerios, Pedia Sure and some You Tube commercials. His most well-known ones were for Certa Pro Paint, Hasbro’s Headbandz Game and the Junior NBA.

Kayden LOVES making his own videos using his MacBook Air (that he saved to purchase himself). He really loves the directing and editing side of the film making process.

Kayden is a very hard working student, intelligent and has a LOVE for everything Apple!


Alyssa Pearson (Panelist)

Director of Programming and Events, Boise Film Festival/Filmmaking Teacher, The Director's Cut

Alyssa is a native Idahoan, Boise born and bred. She moved away to California to pursue her passion for filmmaking, and in the process also discovered a love for teaching. 

After six years of school, working in film production, and traveling the globe, Alyssa is back in Idaho. She is teaching filmmaking classes to kiddos who are eager to explore their own creative capabilities, and is so thrilled and honored to be a part of the Boise Film Festival experience. 

Alyssa is an avid book reader, explorer of mountains, and ultimate live music rocker, with a twist of yogi and a splash of crafting queen. On the rocks. Cheers!


Kobe Humphries (Panelist)


Kobe signed with a Manager and Agent in Los Angeles, CA in March of 2015. Without any acting classes at the time, he booked his first job a week later. It was the starring role on a short film called “Love and Miss Lilly” which has been screened at many Film Festivals. He won “Best Actor under the age of 18” at the Arizona Film Festival for his role in an anti-war comedy called “Gonna Be a Soldier” in 2016. Kobe went on to book many student films and short films. His directors love him and always ask to work with him again and keep in touch. He is a very hard worker and makes sure to not only know his lines, but he always knows his co-stars lines as well!