BFF Filmmaker's Perspective: "How To Be Cute and Break Hearts"

The first ever Boise Film Festival made its debut last fall, September 2015. Among all of the submissions, panels and great people who attended, we were so honored and excited by the amount of filmmakers who traveled to Boise to represent their films! Below is an account of one filmmaking team's experience at BFF2015. After learning that they came all the way to Boise on a bus from New York and where they were headed next (again, by bus), we couldn't wait to share the following words from the team behind "How To Be Cute and Break Hearts" (HTBCABH). Check out the account from Katrina, Assistant to the Director for HTBCABH, and some pictures from their time at BFF2015 below:

"When we knew we were accepted to the Boise Film Festival for our first feature movie, we became very excited! First movie! First festival! Mattia (HTBCABH's Director) and I had also already planned our vacation from the East Coast to the West Coast by taking a bus from New York - Chicago - Denver - Salt Lake City - San Francisco - San Diego - Palm Springs - Joshua Tree Park - Las Vegas - Horseshoe Bend - Grand Canyon - Flagstaff - New Orleans and then back to New York. It seemed to be perfect to add a weekend stay in Boise as one of our stops. Not to mention we loved the fact that the Boise Film Festival was new to the film festival scene and as we were new to the film community as well, we hoped it would be very easygoing and hip: and it was!

We were in for a treat from the very beginning. When we arrived to TownePlace Suites Boise Downtown it was around 7 AM but we couldn't check in until 4PM. Have you every traveled by bus for 2 days?! If not, don't. Upon arrival we all needed a long shower and a change of clothing. Thankfully, the understanding and friendly employees at the hotel gave us a room right away and upgraded it to a wonderful suite with two separate rooms, a big living room, nice bathroom and a fully stocked kitchen. We are still thankful for that. The hotel was also conveniently located right across the parking lot from Elmer's Restaurant (where the German pancakes are a must try!). We enjoyed having our daily breakfasts at this wonderful, classic diner. 

Next day, Tommaso (the Producer, Screenwriter and Lead Actor for HTBCABH) flew in from New York. I can't describe how much and how long he and Mattia worked on this project. Soon our intimate group of 3 became a gang of 5 when we met fellow filmmakers Corbin Saleken ("Patterson's Wager") and Shanra J. Kehl ("The Morning After"). We explored the busy and fun BFF schedule together that weekend, viewing amazing films from all around the world. 

Special thanks to Lana Westbrook, Executive director and organizer of this event. We all had an immediate connection with her thanks to her sense of humor and warm personality, which clicked with ours right away. Also, Kristy Lussier, Melinda Quick and Molly Horn were super cool and being around their energy, witnessing their passion for bringing film to Idaho was amazing! Every party, every film screening, every panel program was interesting and sensational. Being a part of it meant so much to us.

Our movie was screened at MING Studios, a beautiful space filled with artwork. Our Q&A and interviews went more than well. We were very pleased to see that the audience not only liked our work but also understood most of the film's meaning and symbolism. And when people laughed, our hearts were cheering. We've discovered as well that the audience found new places for laughter and it's very impressive how the human mind works in the sense of how differently we all react and connect to the various pieces. Independent filmmaking is very personal and I have to say there is nothing better than observing an audience enjoying and appreciating our work - especially when that audience is engaged and curious about the process that went in to creating HTBCABH. 

I'm proud to say our final treat from our time with the Boise Film Festival was an absolutely stunning award for Best Director, designed and crafted by the very talented local artist Amber Conger. The award is an artwork in itself and to be able to take it home was a true honor. 

But wait, that's not all! If you find yourself in town for this year's Boise Film Festival, you have to try the famous Idaho Ice Cream Potato at Westside Drive Inn. After that amazing ice cream experience, we could happily say we had checked off all of our Boise to-do's and were ready to move on to our next stop in the road trip, richer with experience and incredible shared memories. It was an unforgettable trip and we are so thankful to have shown our film to the Boise community."