Look out, there’s a shark in the theater!

We’ve all heard the statistic: you’re more likely to die from a wayward vending machine than a shark attack. Despite the pleas of environmentalists and activists, movies just can’t seem to stop casting sharks--and their rows of razor-sharp and blood-stained-teeth--as frenzied killers. Jaws, The Shallows, Deep Blue Sea--the horror genre has been shark-infested for decades now. But what makes sharks so chilling? Why do filmmakers keep reminding us of the (mostly imagined) danger of sharks? And more importantly, why is it so fun?

In any good horror film, the best thrills come in the moments before the jump scare, the silent and breathless on-the-edge-of-your-seat feeling before the Big Bad jumps from around the corner. For this reason, it’s worth considering a quintessential element of shark horror: water. More than any graveyard or a haunted house, water renders humans uniquely vulnerable. It's enormous, it’s disorienting, it slows us down and deafens our screams. Oh, and we also can’t breathe in the stuff! Submerged in a deep pool of water, there’s also a three-dimensionality to the threat of attack: something can come from behind, above, below. Even when you’re on a boat, the dark and distorted depths have a panopticon effect: you can’t see what may or may not be watching and stalking you from below. So, perhaps the creepy depths do most of the work, and sharks are simply the teeth-bearing poster child of the sea that finish the job.

Once the waters have gushed in an eerie sense of horror and tension, enter the shark: incredibly versatile and effective in the way that they instill a sense of dread and panic. They work alone and travel in frenzied packs, they can play the stalking long-game and suddenly dash in for a quick and violent attack, they can be lean and svelte or formidable and hulking. Heck, they even travel via tornado these days. No matter what you find scary about sharks, though, we can all agree about one thing: the most bone-chilling, horrific shark film ever made is Shark Tale. That animation is really the stuff of nightmares.

What do you think of the legacy that sharks have carved out for themselves in film? Have a favorite shark movie? Let us know!

And be sure to come celebrate all things shark and film with us at Sharks After Dark on Friday, July 21st from 7-10 PM at The Discovery Center! It'll be a frenzy of JAWS-dropping programming: live music from Red Light Challenge and Mighty Fang, sushi dumplings from Genki Takoyaki, drinks by Powderhaus Brewing, the world class Planet Shark Exhibition, of course a screening of Sharknado by yours truly, and much, much more. 21+! Get your tickets here!


Local Bronco Billy Expert Chimes In

With our upcoming screening of Bronco Billy as part of the Movies that Move series, we talked to Sandy Kershner, author of "On the Trail of Bronco Billy" about the film, her book, and the legacy of Bronco Billy in Idaho. Here's what she had to say:

"In September through November 1979, Clint Eastwood’s Bronco Billy was filmed in 20 locations in the Treasure Valley. Over 1500 local people were hired to be extras in this movie. 28 of the 42 speaking parts were filled by local people.

Whenever local folks watch this movie, they see the way places that play very important roles in their lives looked in 1979, and the way people they loved (children who have since grown up and older folks who have since passed away) looked back then. Whenever anyone in this country or beyond watches this movie, they see these people and places too.

'On the Trail of Bronco Billy'--a book which first came out in 2011--is about this filming--about the locations involved--their history and what people visiting them today would find. It is also about the memories local people still have of that experience--memories of what it was like working with Clint Eastwood.

Dennis Hackin shared with this book, a story about how his childhood inspired him to write the Bronco Billy screenplay. David Worth, the Director of Photography, shared many of his memories of the filming. … Clint Eastwood gave his approval to the photos in the book.

Local newspapers, especially the Idaho Statesman, shared articles they had printed about the filming, including the one in which Clint Eastwood says: 'Thank you! You’ve been great! The Idaho filming is finished and we wanted to express our gratitude to all the people we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Your warmth, hospitality, and generosity have been second-to-none. Though we have caused inconvenience to you, you have always been friendly, helpful, and patient. From all of us, thanks. We hope you will ask us to come back again.' (Sunday, November 11, 1979.)

'On the Trail of Bronco Billy: The Last Roundup' will hopefully be completed by September 2018. In addition to stories from more local people and from Alan Cartwright (Clint Eastwood’s double in the trick riding scene) and J.W. Stoker (Sam Bottom’s double in the trick roping scene), this book will include special events and displays involving the filming, including Boise Film Festival's screening at The Dutch Goose. I am hoping to meet some folks at this event who were extras in this movie or helped in other ways and would like to have their experiences included in 'The Last Roundup'."

Check out Sandy's book, "On the Trail of Bronco Billy" here.

And don't miss Boise Film Festival's screening of Bronco Billy on Friday, June 30th at 7 PM at The Dutch Goose--one of the original filming locations of Bronco Billy!

An Intern's Cinematic Focus

We asked our kickbutt summer intern, Jordan, his thoughts on Boise Film Festival and his expectations for his summer experience. Here's what he said:

Jordan's very excited about our potential "Cereal Cinema" events. Stay tuned for more details.

Jordan's very excited about our potential "Cereal Cinema" events. Stay tuned for more details.


"The Boise Film Festival (BFF) works to introduce and maintain the presence of film in Idaho through the avenues of education, collaboration, and showcase. My internship falls at the intersection of three projects: community outreach, marketing, and event programming. BFF engages in the mutually-supportive projects of inviting established and prominent filmmakers to the area, as well as making film an approachable platform for communities and individuals--particularly Idaho youth--who may have otherwise never thought or had the means to pick up a camera, all with the ultimate goal of making Idaho a viable hub for cinematic production, expression, and culture.

I was so excited to learn about an organization embarking in the project of using film to develop community in my hometown. As one of the few Film & Media Studies majors without plans to move to Hollywood to make it big after graduation, I’m thrilled with the possibility of expanding my own awareness of what I can do with my interest and major. I see this as an opportunity to utilize the education I’ve received about the businesses of media to gain knowledge about the Idaho film industry, to utilize programming and advertising skills that I’ve gained as an RA in running a Festival, and to capitalize and hone in on the technical and artistic skills I’ve developed at school via the internship’s creative facets (i.e. graphic design, marketing, and digital marketing, etc.). This will also be an incredible opportunity to network with other small-scale, independent filmmakers, as well as have the invaluable experience of being exposed to a unique type of work (and part of the country) in film.  

With such an emphasis in community outreach, my day-to-day interactions will prepare me to approach, communicate with, and work with people from all walks of life. I will focus on widening my bubble of engagement, to borrow some Whitman language, largely because I unfortunately don’t always manage to do so when I’m in Walla Walla. In addition, BFF has set up a variety of professional development meetings for me with different professionals in the film, graphic design, and art communities here in Boise, which is very exciting for me to have access to not just the film community and professionals, but all of the other applicable areas that fall under the Festival umbrella.

I hope to use film as an invitation to form community and ignite excitement, and in addition, to learn about the interests, concerns, and experiences of community members in my hometown via the work that they produce and/or exhibit through BFF.

I am so happy and proud to be BFF's newest BFF."

Picture Perfect Poster Auction

Remember when Boise Film Festival asked a bunch of local artists to reimagine classic film posters with Idaho landscapes? Well, the local artists did and now it's time to auction the work off! 

Join us for our inaugural Picture Perfect Poster Auction on Saturday, June 17 at 3:00 PM at Boise Brewing!

Artwork will be on display in the mezzanine level at Boise Brewing. You will be able to silently bid on the work between 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM, with the final winners of each piece being announced at 5:00 PM.

Thank you to Boise Brewing, BFF's Official Beer Partner, for hosting us!

#BFF2017 #BFFppp #BFFauction17

Let us know you're attending by RSVPing to our Facebook event here.

Boise Film Festival Presents: Bronco Billy!

Yeehaw Broncos! This month's Boise Film Festival Movies that Move screening is the one, the only: Bronco Billy!

Friday, June 30 at 7:00 PM at The Dutch Goose (Boise)!

And, as usual, we're in the perfect venue to watch what the New York Times described as "the best and funniest Clint Eastwood movie in quite a while..." because yes, of course, this is Eastwood at his finest as both director and lead actor.

Wait, why is it the perfect venue to watch this classic American fable of the Old West? Oh yeah, because portions of the movie were filmed at The Dutch Goose - DUH! Super meta, right? Other scenes were filmed throughout Idaho because Clint ♥ Idahome.

"An idealistic, modern-day cowboy struggles to keep his Wild West show afloat in the face of hard luck and waning interest." (Rated PG)

Thank you to Cracklin Gourmet Popcorn for providing once again some sweet popcorn for all of us to munch on. And thank you to The Dutch Goose Boise Idaho for hosting us and for always having great beer on tap and even greater food on hand! Check out all the awesome Boise Film Festival events at our website: http://www.boisefilmfestival.org/movies-that-move/ #BFF2017 

Let us know we'll see you there by RSVPing at the Facebook event here.

Open for BFF2017 Submissions - Jan 1, 2017!


Boise Film Festival Open for Submissions on January 1, 2017


BOISE, ID - On Sunday, January 1, 2017, Boise Film Festival (BFF) will officially open for submissions in the following categories for local, national and international filmmakers to submit their films for the third annual Boise Film Festival in September 2017. Full access festival passes, VIP event entrance, hotel discounts and perks will be available to all filmmakers who are chosen to screen at the festival.


  • Idaho Film - Short and Feature

  • Student/Youth - Short and Feature

  • Documentary - Short and Feature

  • Narrative - Short and Feature


Any entries can be submitted via Filmfreeway: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/BoiseFilmFestival

*Entries filmed in Idaho or filmed by Idaho talent are able to use the code “BFFIDAHO” to submit a film for free.

BFF supports and promotes film arts within the local community as well as for filmmakers and their audiences worldwide. Through the production of our annual film festival, year-round events, and educational activities, BFF engages the entire community in the appreciation of the film arts.

The Festival is proud to not only showcase new creative talents, but also to provide an interactive experience where filmmakers and community can come together to share their art and ideas. BFF supports the growth of our local film economy by connecting our state to independent artists from around the world.

Now in its third year, BFF celebrates innovative and original filmmaking for the Treasure Valley Community in one of the most thought provoking, entertaining, fun-filled, educational film festivals in Idaho. By becoming a positive force in Idaho with its second annual year and through sharing the tradition each coming year, Boise Film Festival plans to greatly foster growth, collaboration, and world-wide acclaim for the Idaho’s film industry.





BFF + Idaho Laugh Fest = Comedy Shorts Film Festival


Join us at the 4th Annual Idaho Laugh Fest for our Comedy Shorts Film Festival!

Thursday, January 12 - Sunday, January 15, the Idaho Laugh Fest will be hosting screenings of selected Comedy Shorts from around the country at The Egyptian Theatre. 

Use our promo code "BFF" to get free tickets to any of the screenings and make sure to join us for all of the other incredible, laughter-filled events that weekend as part of Idaho Laugh Fest.

Join the Board of Directors!

Are you interested in helping to foster the creation, appreciation, and understanding of independent film in Boise? If the answer is yes, then we may have just the volunteer opportunity for you. The Boise Film Festival is open to considering qualified candidates for board membership.

We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about film and video as media for personal and artistic expression, and who believe in the potential of film and video to have strong social and community impact. Boise Film Festival is particularly seeking board members with interest in marketing and communications, experience in fundraising, legal expertise, and knowledge of the local community. Previous board experience is helpful but not necessary.

Board membership goes beyond traditional volunteering and into the highest level of visionary leadership for the organization, assuming legal and financial responsibilities while serving as a community ambassador for the mission. Serving as a board member provides a unique opportunity to put your passion for a social cause into action by applying your experience and expertise to help advance an organization’s impact. It’s a rewarding way to fulfill your need to serve your community while learning new skills that can enhance your own career.

If you are interested in supporting independent filmmaking by joining the Boise Film Festival’s Board of Directors, please email letter of interest and resume to info@boisefilmfestival.org.

Kegs4Kause: BFF <3's Payette Brewing

Thanks to our BFFs at Payette Brewing Co., Boise Film Festival will be hosting our film-loving non-profit for a Kegs4Kause event just weeks before the arrival of the 2nd Annual Boise Film Festival!

Come enjoy a beer with us on Monday, September 5, and learn more about #BFF2016. 50% of all beer sales made between 5PM and 10PM will benefit Boise Film Festival!

There will also be a food truck there so you can get your delicious local yum on, too!

We all know how much you love to talk film over an exceptionally wonderful (and locally brewed!) draft beer - especially after a long day of "The Monday's" - can't wait to see you there!

RSVP here.


#BFF2016 Press Release - Passes on Sale!


Boise Film Festival Hosting Second Annual Event - Passes on Sale Now!

BOISE, ID- Boise Film Festival will host its Second Annual Film Festival on September 23-25, 2016. Similar to the 2015 event, the event will showcase both international and local films.

“We are pleased with the increased interest in Idaho film production, which showcases the tremendous talent that is present regionally. With a great lineup scheduled for 2016, we are expecting this year’s festival to be dynamic, exciting, and an incredible display of what the film community in Idaho can do for local, national and international filmmakers.”  -Founder and Executive Director, Lana Westbrook

The Festival will include 23 documentaries, short films and full feature films - including screenings from local youth filmmakers in collaboration with The Director's Cut - Boise. Screenings, parties and panels will take place at venues throughout downtown Boise to represent the best of the local community. The awards ceremony will take place at Payette Brewing Co.'s River Street taproom on Saturday, September 24 from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM, with the award announcements at 7:30 PM.

All-Access Festival passes are available at the following link and includes access to all films, panels, and parties during the weekend. You may also purchase tickets for individual screenings or panels at the door.

The Festival will also host two incredible female film talents: Natalie Fletcher, Director of "Oh, Beautiful" and Leila Djansi, Director of "Like Cotton Twines". Natalie will hold a live public art event in downtown Boise focusing on positive body image and Leila will participate in a moderated Q&A about women in film and her work as a writer, director and producer.

Found in 2015, Boise Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to fostering regional, national and international collaboration among aspiring filmmakers through education, outreach and collaboration. By bringing filmmakers from around the world together in Boise, we are highlighting Idaho as a filming destination of choice.

Proceeds from the Festival will help to establish a production fund for filming in Idaho. This fund will serve as a resource for filmmakers throughout Idaho and will assist to develop year-round educational outreach to inspire learning and appreciation of the filmmaking process.


www.boisefilmfestival.org       |        facebook.com/boisefilmfest       |      @BoiseFilmFest        #BoiseFilmFest           #BFF2016        #NotTheSameOldStories            #IdahoFilm

BFF Intern Blog Take-Over: Women in Film

Women in Film Panel_2016

The following is written by our BFF Summer Intern, Claraliz, about her experience at the recent "Women in Film" panel held at the Boise Public Library and hosted by Clear As Mudd Films. The event took an interactive look in the industry as well as the history and resurgence of women in Hollywood. Local female filmmakers and actors shared their own film stories in addition to their vision of our film community. Claraliz discusses her time at the event below:

On Wednesday, August 3, I attended a seminar at the Boise Public Library titled "Women in Film." Being a woman in film, I was both intrigued and excited for the opportunity to attend and discuss with local filmmakers (both male and female) their understandings of the placement of women in film as well as their vision for the future of the industry. And with the admission being free of charge there was really no excuse not to go. Clear as Mud Films, a local independent film production company, hosted the event, which I was just as excited about the seminar as I was to learn of a independent film production company in Idaho!

The seminar started off by asking a very important central question to the topic posed by an audience member, 

"Why are there not more women in film, especially in positions such as directors, cinematographers and the like?"

Known to be an "old boys club," the film industry sees the majority of these positions employed by men. In answering this audience member's question, the speakers began by defining gender inclusivity as not only the standard belief that all genders deserve to be equal but also the election of more women in leadership positions and roles throughout the industry.

Personally, I loved that they stressed changes in Hollywood often start in local markets and that  is where we can make the most progress. It is not only important to have a female presence within the content and making of the film, but for that presence to be a positive one (without subscribing to the negative cliches such as the sex symbol or the damsel in distress). Women are obviously so much more diverse and complex than these overused roles.

Now for some fun recaps. This hilarious video titled, "If Men in Film were Treated like Women" really highlights some of the issues in the film industry. In recent years, more positive representation of women has been demonstrated by some big name film companies, such as Disney. Frozen and Brave have received high praise for their progressive themes and lack of love interests for the central female characters. Frozen focused on the strong bond of sisterhood, while Brave was the story of a girl trying to win her own hand in marriage. The Young Adult genre is also portraying young independent women in books and film in a better and stronger light. In The Hunger Games film series, main character and all around badass female role model Katniss Everdeen is a skilled hunter that fights for her family and her district in her dystopian world. 

In the end, while it is fun and exciting to be able to see these kinds of representation in film and popular culture - I left asking what can we do today, on perhaps a smaller scale, to contribute? What can we do here in Boise and within Idaho that would make an impact? Could we be more conscious of the type of female characters in our scripts or the women we choose to cast? It's little things like this that we as women and men in film can make all the difference. -Claraliz

BFF Filmmaker's Perspective: "How To Be Cute and Break Hearts"

BFF Filmmaker's Perspective: "How To Be Cute and Break Hearts"

The first ever Boise Film Festival made its debut last fall, September 2015. Among all of the submissions, panels and great people who attended, we were so honored and excited by the amount of filmmakers who traveled to Boise to represent their films!